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Salinity has been washed out by all the fresh water

If you are fishing in the rivers or marshes of the Pascagula, the salinity is at or near zero. You may still catch a few reds but the specs arn't what they normally are this time of the year. Personally, I'm Crappie fishing in fresh water in the oxbow lakes and bayous along the rivers north of I-10. I've been tearing-em-up with many being in the 12" to 14" range.

Welcome to Genes Marine & Landscaping Service

Servicing Vancleave, Gautier, & Ocean Springs

For over 20 years Gene's Marine has been providing fast and quality boat service and repair. Genes Marine provides maintenance solutions to all your inboard and outboard motor and boat needs in order to help you achieve the goals your boat was purchased for, whether it be for fishing, pleasure or business, on the ocean, river, or lake. We strive to maintain fast service & repair, cost management, and user satisfaction. Hey! inboard or outboard boat owners in Gautier and Ocean Springs a a lot! . Due to lease restrictions, Gene recently had to close his shop in Vancleave but still offers the same great mobile service that boat owners have enjoyed in years past. Just contact him from our Contact Us page

Boat for Sale
$7,750 OBO
1998 18' Wellcraft
Fresh paint and decals
Rebuilt powerhead: 1hr run time. Still breaking in.

Client Testimonials

"I live on a bayou and use my boat almost ever day its not raining. After taking my boat to Gene, it has never run better and I didn't have to wait four weeks to get my boat back. I had tried several of the other local "so called" boat machinics and the motor always spit and sputtered after a week or two back in the water. It's been over 9 months since I took it to Gene and it still runs like a top....and the price was fair". If you know someone who might be moving to Jones County check out this great home.

Don Corley
Bass Drive, Vancleave